Lovely Baby Beethoven
Lovely Baby Beethoven is one of the featured discs in The Famous Composers Series – the new specially-priced 3-CD collection from Lovely Baby Music. For the first time, your baby will enjoy the world’s best-loved classics in the most delightful way imaginable.
The Famous Composers Series featuring Lovely Baby Bach, Lovely Baby Beethoven and Lovely Baby Mozart The Toy Man Editor's Choice Award for 2007
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Thanks to international baby music expert and Lovely Baby creator, Raimond Lap, your baby will interact with, and respond joyfully to the music of the great masters, while benefiting from arrangements that will help maximize its development.

Your baby needs the right music
Most early childhood development experts agree that music should be an integral part of a baby’s everyday routine. Unfortunately, many parents and caregivers have been choosing the wrong music, having been inundated with seemingly hundreds of CDs targeted at their little ones, with baseless promises of making them brilliant.

In order to maximize the benefits that music offers the young mind, the right music must, first and foremost, be appropriate. The music MUST be suited for your baby’s sensitive little ears – the melodies flowing, the rhythms not too fast, the harmonies just right – and the compositions must be specially arranged and produced just for your little one. The right baby music gently stimulates and puts your baby in a positive, happy mood. Almost as equally important – you - and your husband or wife - must find the music pleasing. You’ll be playing it a lot for the next year or two, at home and in the car. If YOU can’t listen to it, you won’t play it for your baby. And that’s a huge mistake you want to avoid.

What's a parent to do?
First of all, avoid the hype. Second, spend a few minutes and do a little homework. Just as you wouldn’t feed your baby something that wasn’t good for them, nor should you expose your baby to bad or ineffective music. After all, music is food for the brain. Make the right choice based on your own baby's needs and reactions to the music. Don't choose something just because it's popular or because all your friends use it. Music is a personal choice based on individual needs. As a caring parent, you want what’s best for your baby, so take the time to listen and try it before you buy it.

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